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Digitized data

No more paper or excel. With Obodo you can have all your property data in one place making it easy to analyze your business over time

Easy to use

We built Obodo to make your life easier. With a simple to use platform and automated admin processes we want you to do as little work as possible

How can we help your business?

Some of the ways we can help your property management business

Automated rent invoices

We automatically create and send your tenants rent invoices

Automated receipts

Once you confirm payment from a tenant we send them an SMS receipt

Easy reconciliation

Easily track all payments from tenants and view which are pending or late

Automated reminders

We automatically send your tenants SMS reminders when a payment is due

Lease management

Store and manage all your lease information in one place

Manage all payments and expenses

Obodo allows you to track all payments from your tenants to see which ones are pending and also allows you to track all property expenses

Manage rental data in one place

We help you manage all your information. From landlord data to property and tenant information making it easy to access and use.

Notifications and reminders

We help send your tenants SMS invoices when you create a new invoice. We send them a reminder one day before the invoice is due and automatically send them a receipt once payment is complete

It's free!

Using our platform is free.. Forever. We also help our clients set up their accounts move their data to our platform at no cost

Unlimited landlords

Add as many landlords as you have

Unlimited properties

Add as many properties as you have

Unlimited rental units

Add as many rental units as you have

Unlimited tenants

Add as many tenants as you have

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Free notifications and reminder SMS