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Manage your rental units faster, easier and more affordably using Obodo

Processing over Ksh 600,000 in monthly rental transactions

We help landlords and property managers collect rent faster and keep tenants happier and stay longer


Average occupation percentage


Average number of days rental unit remains vacant


Average on-time payment rate percentage


The average tenant satisfaction rate

*This is based on properties that have used Obodo for atleast 6 months

Collect and process rental payments

Obodo allows you to invoice your tenants and process rental payments easily and affordably

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Automated rent and service charge invoices

We automatically send your tenants a rent and service charge invoice on the 1st of every month

Automated rental payment confirmation and receipts

Once you have confirmed and verified payment from your tenant we will automatically send them a receipt

Multiple payment collection and confirmation methods

We enable multiple avenues of payment reconciliation. From Mpesa, to Bank payment as well as deposit deductions

Manage your property and rental data

Obodo allows you to collect and store property and tenant information all in one place

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Collect tenant KYC information and emergency contacts

Store your tenant's KYC information like their name and ID detailas and have their emergency contacts available.

Easily manage property and rental data

Obodo allows you to add edit and manage your property and rental unit data easily. Make changes and notify tenant in seconds

Add your staff members and management team

Obodo allows you to add your staff member information and invite your management team to help you manage your units

Free app for your tenants

We provide a free app for your tenants allowing them to add their details, make payments and manage their receipts

Talk to a human

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